A: As we see in today's education system, just due to the huge amount of rush for admissions in the colleges of our country. Even talented students sometimes miss the opportunity to study in a college of their dreams. Well! management quota is that 'one' thing that can actually help these kinds of career pursuing students to get into the college of their dreams. The college administration, however, very well acknowledges this plight of students so they keep some of the seats reserved. These reserved seats by the institutions are called management quota seats.
A: Once the counselling for the regular seats is done. Educational institutions release the number of seats that they have kept remaining for the management quota. All one has to do is to get in touch with the counsellors who can counsel the aspirants about the seats available.
A: Some seats are available to the college for the admission through management seats and there is absolutely no difference in the academics of either, be it through counselling or management quota. They both have to go through the same institutional process.
A: This can be partially right, as you don't have to undergo a process of clearing an exam first. But said apart, the courses and academics follow the same in both. The syllabus offered and taught remains whatsoever equal for both the processes of seat acquisition. Be it through counselling or management.

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